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18 Jan 2019

3 reasons to choose a farmstay for your next getaway

Where are you taking your family for your next holiday? Should you go sunbathing in Bali, or visit Disneyland in Japan, or should you go shopping in Hong Kong? More and more people are exploring the idea of going to a farmstay for their holidays and we want to convince you too why you should plan your next getaway in a farmstay.  

Benefits of Staying in a Farmstay

A farmstay holiday is therapeutic and you won’t find in a holiday to the common tourist destination. Here are a few to get you started:

Morning Coffee

1. Step back into nature and think more clearly

The modern urban life is hectic and layered with information that keeps our brain busy and worried for the next deadline. This is why it is important for you to take a step back from all the business to give your brain a break. In a farmstay you are surrounded by nature and isolated from all your business (partially because the internet connection is not as good). You can get in touch with nature and experience a peace of mind. Sit down with a coffee and feel the calming fresh breeze rustling through the bamboo forest. As you take a break from your usual busy routines, you can think more clearly and spend quality time with your family and friends face to face.

Family Selfie

2. Family Friendly

Children love to run around and get dirty. This is something that many urban children miss out on. In cities, living spaces are very tight, and some schools even have limited areas where children can roam freely, let alone get dirty. In a farmstay, not only do the children get the opportunity to roam around in wide open space, they can also get to experience nature first hand. They can harvest vegetables, pet a cow, watch fireflies, and many simple activities which cannot be found in the city. These mundane farm activities help children to build self-confidence and appreciation for nature.


3. Learn new things and gain new perspectives.

A farmstay is a great learning experience both for children and for adults.  There is a growing disconnect about the reality of where food comes from. Here you can connect that gap. There are many things you can learn in a farmstay, from how to grow plants, make compost from your kitchen waste, or cook healthy food. You will gain better understanding and appreciation of where food comes from and see a glimpse of how much has been put into the food that you find in a supermarket.


Enjoy These Benefits at Sukasantai Farmstay

You can enjoy these benefits by staying at Sukasantai Farmstay at the foot of Mount Gede in Sukabumi, West Java. Whether you are seeking a quiet place close to nature to contemplate, or spend a meaningful holiday with your children, we can help you plan your holiday at Sukasantai Farmstay.
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Jl. Sukamaju, Sukamaju, Sukalarang,
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©2023 Sukasantai Farmstay | Web by Ducosky