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Farmstays near Jakarta

22 Oct 2020

Wait, isn't  this a promotion for our “competitors”? YES!

Farmstays are not the same as hotels.

We run our farmstays for the love for our farm and farmers.

We do not see other farmstays as competitors but as friends on the same journey towards more environmentally and economically sustainable farming practices.

If you have visitted us, got hooked on the farm living and found yourself looking for more, here is a little list of our farmstay friends that we can heartily recommend you to visit for your next getaway:


1. BSP Farmstay -

BSP Farm runs an all organic coffee, salak (snakefruit) and rice plantation. They also grow a wide variety of organic vegetables. Staying at BSP comes with a wonderful trekking opportunity to waterfall of Taman Nasional Halimun-Salak. We love their “Rumah Atas Sawah” as it has a jaw-dropping beautiful view of the mountain valley.

As the forerunner of the farmstay concept in greater Jakarta area, BSP a an inspiration for us.

FUN Fact! We serve and sell BSP’s Organic Loji Coffee at our farmstay.
Try it when you stay with us and pack some home!

2. Portibi - 

Lodges Ekologika at Portibi Farms treads lightly on the earth. It is one of the most sustainably minded accommodation around, powered with solar panel and using Leuit (Sundanese traditional rice barns) for their guest stays. Portibi grows organic vegetables for restaurants in Jakarta, and they make very very delicious salads.  

FUN Fact! On our visit to Portibi, we sat down with Jocean the owner to share our backstory and (BOOMS! Insert head explosion emoji here) we realize we both graduated from the same university in Cornell University in USA - how strange and cool is that?!    

3. Kabin Kebun -

Honestly, we haven't been there. We became friends with Ucok and Ukke from Kabin Kebun on instagram and we like them a lot! We admire their slow-living and can-do gardening spirit. There is a warm homely visit about them and we see their guests sing songs about their visit.

FUN Fact! Kabin Kebun is top on our staff family's  “hit list” of places to go when we need to close shop and take a break from running our own farmstay!


That's all for now! Now you know that we love farmstay living so much that we take vacations to other farmstays when we are on a holiday ourselves!
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Jl. Sukamaju, Sukamaju, Sukalarang,
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Jl. Sukamaju, Sukamaju, Sukalarang,
 Sukabumi, Jawa Barat 43191
©2023 Sukasantai Farmstay | Web by Ducosky