Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Glad to see you here! Your trip to the farm is a one of a kind holiday unlike many you have experienced before, so please take some time to get familiarised with our FAQs to avoid surprises and prepare for a comfy holiday at the farm!

1. How cold does it get?
Being 1000m above sea level, Sukasantai Farm has a cool and comfortable temperature all year round, which means that we do not need to use air-conditioning or heater. We have two distinctive season - dry and rainy. The dry season is characterized by colder nights and clear starry skies. while you won't see the stars much during the rainy season, the wet weather brings with it a troop of sparkly fireflies to our farm grounds almost everyday.
  Night (Low) Average Day (High)
Dry Season
April - September
15 28
Rainy Season
October - March
18 28

2. What kind of clothes should I bring?
Please pack warm clothes like sweater, jackets, long sleeved shirt and pants as it gets cold at night and in the morning. It's a farm, so you'll be walking on unpaved ground, so please bring comfortable walking shoes or sandals.

3. Are there mosquitoes?
Most of our farm area are mosquito free, but there are more mosquitoes in the valley area, especially at around sunset. Ask our friendly Farm Caretaker if you need to use some mosquito repellent spray. We make our own mosquito repelling oils from distilling citronella plants at the farm - it is not toxic and smells very nice!

4. Is there wi-fi?
One of the things we want to encourage you to do during your holiday with us is to put down your phone, be in the moment and enjoy your friends and family's company. However, we do realize that sometimes you need to stay connected to home and or work, and so we do provide complimentary wi-fi in the common areas only (reception, kitchen and dining areas).

5. Is there TV?
We do not have TV in each room, but we do have a large screen projector at the commons. You can bring your laptop and choice of movies to play (our internet connection is too slow for movie streaming, so please download your movies before you leave the city!). Do ask our staff if you would like to book it for a movie night!

6. Is toothbrush provided?
Currently the government does not have a waste disposal or recycling system in our village, and so, At Sukasantai we try our best to minimise waste and avoid single-use plastic packaging and products. We don't provide single-use toothbrush, but we do sell regular toothbrush that you can use and bring home.

7. Can I harvest vegetables to bring home?
You are welcome to come alongside our staff and farm crew to harvest vegetables for your meals, but we kindly request that you do not go out on your own to harvest the vegetables. Please approach our staff about purchasing and harvesting vegetables to bring home.

8. Can I bring my cat/dog pets to Sukasantai?
We love animals (and have lots of them), but for the safety and religious consideration for our staff and fellow guest, pet cats and dogs are not allowed in Sukasantai. 

9. Is there swimming pool?
Surprisingly we get this question a LOT, and the answer is no, we do not have swimming pool. We are a farm, not a resort. Swimming pools are costly to maintain, and any way, you do not want to be swimming in our cold weather.

10. Can I smoke?
Sukasantai is a strictly non-smoking facility.

11. Can I throw a party?
You may use our common dining room for party or corporate events if you book with our Rent-A-Farm package.  Please note that our common dining hall closes at 10pm, and out of consideration for our neighbors, we request that guests refrain from creating loud noises and using audio system after 10pm.

We also do not allow guests to bring fireworks, with exception of New Year's eve.

12. What is Sukasantai's Cancellation Policy?
We are a small farmstay operations and short notice cancellations affects us very much.
Our cancellation policy is as follows:
     1. 50% To secure date
     2. The 50% deposit is not refundable
     3. 100% payment required 2 weeks before. No refund for cancellation after this date.

Request of change of date after deposit can be made one month before booking date.
Jl. Sukamaju, Sukamaju, Sukalarang,
 Sukabumi, Jawa Barat 43191
©2022 Sukasantai Farmstay | Web by Ducosky
Jl. Sukamaju, Sukamaju, Sukalarang,
 Sukabumi, Jawa Barat 43191
©2022 Sukasantai Farmstay | Web by Ducosky