is to like, to enjoy

is to relax, to do things slowly and leisurely
Escape the city life and unwind in a laid back countryside organic farm. Sukasantai means “to enjoy relaxing, to take things slowly, and to be in the moment,” this, is our wish for all of our guests who stay with us.


a sneak peek of what's going on in our farmstay
sukasantai-map2 sukasantai-map-mountain gunung gede sukasantai-map-cow milk the cow sukasantai-map-buffalo pat a buffalo sukasantai-map-fireflies see fireflies (seasonal) sukasantai-map-duck see farm animals sukasantai-map-mujair go fishing! sukasantai-map-dragonfly bamboo valley trekking sukasantai-map-veggies harvest vegetables sukasantai-map-nangka explore fruit orchard sukasantai-map-hammock sleep in a hammock
Felt like I was in paradise as the staff showed us around the farm and we got to harvest veggies as well. The most exciting part of the tour was seeing and feeling the direct connection between the food on our table and the plants. As we walked around, our lovely guide casually pointed at this and that plant to and said that we had it yesterday or will be having it tonight and I was like !!!!! I've never seen many of these plants before or am unable to identify many of them, and it was exciting to know that they are edible AND delicious!
Sukasantai feels like going back to hometown that we never had. Born and live in the city, we never experience the Farm life. We stayed with our family member with various ages. We were all having fun! There were many activities for all ages.  The weather  is very nice, the food is fresh and healthy.  Staffs are all very friendly, helpful and treat you like their own family. We also get a lot of knowledge from the farm that makes us appreciate food even more. A perfect place to escape city life and breathe a better air for a while!
A wonderful place to explore nature and get together with family. We went bambooshoot hunting, fishing, and had a  lot of fun cooking together.

We stayed for four nights in Sukasantai and had a refreshing holiday here!
Kami benar-benar menikmati weekend kami menginap di Sukasantai, dimana kami bersenang-senang bersama, memancing, memetik sayuran & buah-buahan.

Satu plus point yang menarik adalah setelah memetik sayuran, kita bisa memasak makanan segar yang dipetik di kebun bersama, benar-benar terasa sehat dan enak! Kita juga merasakan udara sejuk dan segar, ini benar-benar cuaca yang sangat menyenangkan.
the story of our farm life
Our family farm grows over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables and operates as a direct seller of organically grown vegetables.
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our location
Our farm is located on the highlands of Gunung Gede, between the city of Sukabumi and Cianjur. Google Map gives a good directions or by following our step by step directions in the link below:
Jl. Sukamaju, Sukamaju, Sukalarang,
 Sukabumi, Jawa Barat 43191
©2020 Sukasantai Farmstay | Web by Ducosky
Jl. Sukamaju, Sukamaju, Sukalarang,
 Sukabumi, Jawa Barat 43191
©2020 Sukasantai Farmstay | Web by Ducosky