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What is a Farmstay?

30 Jan 2019

Have you ever stayed in a farmstay?

Do you know what is a farmstay? A farmstay is a holiday accommodation in a working farm. Farmstay is a popular alternative holiday concept for families looking for something more than the typical hotel or resort experience and it is a well established idea in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. People love farmstays for its down-to-earth, laidback atmosphere, and beautiful rural setting.

In a farmstay there are many opportunities to participate in hands-on agricultural activities, making it especially popular for family with children. The kinds of activities available in the farmstay will depend on what kind of farm it is. Is it a sheep ranch? Or is it a vineyard? Or is it an organic vegetable farm (like Sukasantai Farmstay!)?

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What to Expect in a Farmstay Holiday

Farmstays is a fun and meaningful way to spend holiday with your family. Nevertheless, before you decide to have your next holiday at a farmstay, it may be a good idea to set your expectations right.


1. Forget City Luxuries

What is your definition of a great holiday? Farmstay is not the place to go if what you’re looking for is exotic spa, shopping experiences, or a meticulous service by a personal butler. While you can’t expect a luxurious stay, you will find basic amenities to ensure that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.

2. Immersed in Nature

For many of us urban dwellers, nature is becoming a more and more distant reality. By spending your holiday in a farmstay, you can enjoy the beauties nature has to offer. This includes bright blue sky, fresh air, the sound of rustling leaves, brightly colored flowers, but it also includes ungroomed wild plants, decaying plant materials, and all kinds of wild animals and insects such as beetles, and even spiders.


3. Get Active and Learn

One of the best part of staying in a farmstay is that you also get to be active and learn new things. Classes and workshops are commonly offered in farmstays. Some workshop topics you might find offered in farmstays may include cooking, cheese making, bread baking, knitting, composting, or organic farming. To make the most of your time in the farm stay, you need to be willing to get your hands dirty. Take the opportunity to harvest vegetables yourselves, milk a cow, or catch a grasshopper. At the end of it, your hands might not be sparkling clean, but you will have had lots of fun and experienced many new things!  

Experience a Memorable Holiday at Sukasantai Farmstay

Now that you’ve set your expectations straight, are you ready plan your next vacation at a farmstay? Check out our website to preview our lovely rooms and fun-filled farm, and book your stay with Sukasantai Farmstay soon. We look forward to seeing you!
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